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Climbing Colorado's 14ers With Sawyer covers each of the fourteeners listed below within the book. Some of these peaks, however, are discussed in greater detail within the eight lengthy chapters, while the others are only noted within short stories contained on two page spreads. All of the peaks are pictured and labeled on a detailed Colorado map (seen below) contained inside the book.

Satellite Map of Colorado's 14ersMap posters are not sold at this time. Mount Elbert: 14,433'
Mount Massive: 14,421'
Mount Harvard: 14,420'
Blanca Peak: 14,345'
*North Mount Massive: 14,340'
La Plata Peak: 14,336'
Uncompahgre Peak: 14,309'
Crestone Peak: 14,294'
Mount Lincoln: 14,286'
Grays Peak: 14,270'
Mount Antero: 14,269'
Torreys Peak: 14,267'
Castle Peak: 14,265'
Quandary Peak: 14,265'
Mount Evans: 14,264'
Longs Peak: 14,255'
Mount Wilson: 14,246'
*Mount Cameron: 14,238'
Mount Shavano: 14,229'
Mount Belford: 14,197'
Crestone Needle: 14,197'
Mount Princeton: 14,197'
Mount Yale: 14,196'
Mount Bross: 14,172'
Kit Carson Peak: 14,165'
El Diente Peak: 14,159'
Maroon Peak: 14,156'
Tabeguache Peak: 14,155'
Mount Oxford: 14,153'
Mount Sneffels: 14,150'
Mount Democrat: 14,148'
*South Mount Elbert: 14,134'
*South Mount Massive: 14,132'
Capitol Peak: 14,130'
Pikes Peak: 14,110'
Snowmass Mountain: 14,092'
Mount Eolus: 14,083'
Windom Peak: 14,082'
*Challenger Point: 14,080'
Mount Columbia: 14,073'
Missouri Mountain: 14,067'
Humboldt Peak: 14,064'
Mount Bierstadt: 14,060'
*Conundrum Peak: 14,060'
Sunlight Peak: 14,059'
Handies Peak: 14,048'
Culebra Peak: 14,047'
Ellingwood Point: 14,042'
Mount Lindsey: 14,042'
*North Mount Eolus: 14,039'
Little Bear Peak: 14,037'
Mount Sherman: 14,036'
Redcloud Peak: 14,034'
Pyramid Peak: 14,018'
Wilson Peak: 14,017'
Wetterhorn Peak: 14,015'
North Maroon Peak: 14,014'
San Luis Peak: 14,014'
Mount of the Holy Cross: 14,005'
Huron Peak: 14,003'
Sunshine Peak: 14,001'

*Considered unofficial fourteeners/subpeaks. Colorado has 54 "official" fourteeners. In order for two fourteeners to be considered official, they must meet 2 requirements. (1) The summits must be one mile apart. (2) There must be a minimum 300 foot drop from each summit to the connecting ridge low point between the peaks.

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